MRCP PACES Regular Course offline (5 Stations)

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MRCP PACES Regular Course offline (5 Stations)

MRCP PACES (Practical Assessment of Clinical Examination Skills) is a clinical exam testing clinical knowledge and skills of doctors hoping to begin higher specialist training (ST3).

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  • Need to Pass MRCP Part 1 and 2



About MRCP PACES Course and Examination:

Before knowing about MRCP PACES Course, should know about  The MRCP PACES Examination or MRCP(UK) Part 2 Clinical Examination (Practical Assessment of Clinical Examination Skills - PACES) course is an intensive practical course which focuses on improving your ability to carry out essential clinical skills over the 4 days including physical examination, identifying physical signs, clinical communication, differential diagnosis, clinical judgement, managing patients’ concerns and managing patient welfare.

These skills will help you pass the MRCP exam. They will also improve your clinical judgement and your relationships with patients, colleagues and allied health professionals. Communication skills are essential to reduce conflict at work, avoid complaints from patients and their families, and make your job easier.

Why Farz Academy for MRCP PACES Course?

The Farz Academy faculty members are a mix of highly qualified, motivated specialists from a variety of medical specialties. They have extensive experience in teaching clinical and communication skills. The Farz Academy team will guide you and provide valuable tips and tricks for passing the communication and clinical stations of the MRCP PACES exam.

This course will allow you to examine patients with rare medical conditions and rare cases, such as organ transplants or uncommon syndromes.

Additionally, you will have the opportunity to practice MRCP history and communication scenarios with a surrogate and get personalised feedback from an expert tutor. This is an excellent opportunity to work with a tutor in small groups. You will have ample opportunities to improve your presentation skills, clarify your doubts and get feedback from the tutor. Although it can seem daunting, you will find your confidence grows as you work together.

It is quite amazing how quickly you can improve your technique over the course of a day.  

Course will commence on 8, 9, 10 anf 11th December 2022

Discount for Early birds registration: Register before November 2022 and get 15% off.



The course is divided carefully to cover 5 stations as mentioned below which is followed by mock tests and personalised feedback sessions from the highly experienced examiners.

  • Day 1 and Day 2Clinical stations

Station 1 ( respiratory, abdomen) , Station 3 ( cardiology, neurology) and

Station 5 – (The integrated clinical assessment station)

  • Day 3 – History taking and communication skills stations

Station 2 ( History taking skills station) and Station -4 (The communication skills and ethics station)

  • Day 4 Mock test

You will get plenty of opportunity to interact with each other and the trained tutors, develop essential skills and boost up your confidence to pass MRCP PACES examination.

Station 1, Station 3, Station 5

Work on essential clinical skills including physical examination, identifying physical signs, clinical communication, differential diagnosis, clinical judgement, managing patients’ concerns and managing patient


Station 2

Learn to structure the consultation

Greeting / Introduction

Build up a rapport

Optimise your body language

Stick to the time frame

Actively listen

Verbal and non-verbal cues

Address patient’s concerns

Hidden agenda



Station 4

Patient autonomy

Breaking bad news

Dealing with an angry patient

Dealing with a complaint

Capacity assessment


Duty of Candour and negligence

Counselling and Genetic conditions

Withholding/Withdrawing Life Prolonging Treatment

Organ donation

Advance directives

Fitness to drive & DVLA guidelines


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