Privacy Policy

Any data of user that has been taken is for app functioning and it is not transferable to any third party or agencies.

Privacy Policy: 

  1. The app doesn't use any advertising ID or promote anything from the app.
  2. The app doesn't provide any financial features.
  3. The app is not a government app.
  4. The app is not a COVID-19 contact tracing or status app.
  5. The app is not a news app and doesn’t provide any news content.
  6. The app is for the 18-year-old and above age group and it is not appealing to children.
  7. The app doesn't contain any ads of any kind.
  8. The user information that is taken is just for app functionality and is not transferable to any third party.
  9. The user can create, update or delete its information.
  10. We do not provide any kind of financial features in our application.

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