MRCP Smart Preparation - Preparatory Course

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MRCP Smart Preparation - Preparatory Course

Welcome to Farz Academy's "MRCP Smart Preparation" course! If you're gearing up for the MRCP Part exam, this course is tailor-made for you. Our program offers a comprehensive approach to ensure your success. With numerous practice tests, Mega mock tests, live discussions on key topics across all domains, prerecorded class videos available at your convenience, and invaluable last-minute expert guides and tips, you'll be fully equipped to ace your exam. Join us on this journey to excel in the MRCP Part 1!

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Our Course Features

  • 5 Mega Mock Tests With Debriefing
  • 1612 min Topic Wise Pre-Recorded Video Lectures
  • 1200+Extensive Practice Tests
  • Exam Focused Content
  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • Live Discussions
  • Interactive Learning
  • Last-Minute Expert Guidance
  • Community Support

Course Content

16 sections • 55 lectures • 38h 10m total length
Respiratory Module - COPD
Respiratory Module - Asthma
Respiratory Module - Interstitial Lung Disease
Respiratory Model - Respiratory Failure
Endocrinology Module - Thyroid
Endocrinology Module - Adrenal
Endocrinology Module - Pituitary
Endocrinology Module - Gonads