MRCP Exam –A Closer Look
10th June 2022 By Farz
mrcp exam a closer look

MRCP exam evaluates candidates on their fundamental knowledge of the sciences and their clinical abilities. In order to pass this test it is necessary to have a thorough understanding of applied basic sciences as well as medical theories is essential. In the end, MRCP is not easy and there's no doubt about this fact. This MRCP (UK) examination preparation process is changing, in the sense that the structure is getting better. Thus, you can pass this exam without difficulty only if you study properly.

This article will cover all you should learn concerning how to prepare for the MRCP exam. If you've earned an MBBS degree, you should review the MBBS degree, you should review the format of the exam, its eligibility, MRCP exam preparation techniques and tips.

MRCP Exam Structure

The MRCP exam preparation is essential for all medical professionals who is looking to establish an occupation within the UK or who wants to enhance their skills, understanding and work place. Let's examine the structure of the exam.

The MRCP test is held in two parts. It is necessary to prepare and pass both examinations independently.

MRCP Part 1 Exam:

MRCP Part 1 exam is the entrance-level test with the following format:

  • Examination; one-day
  • Two papers, three hours each
  • 200 best-of-five or multiple-choice questions
  • Images are not allowed.

It is important to note that the MRCP Part 1 test covers a wide range of subjects, making sure that you are knowledgeable as a doctor.MRCP Part 1 consists of questions pertaining to the most significant and common diseases such as clinical sciences, as well as national guidelines for the UK.

The goal is to make sure that the student has acquired all the necessary information during their undergraduate education. They're still keeping up with advancements and new discoveries which contribute to the development of valuable decisions in the clinical setting.


  • GMC recognized qualification
  • 12 months of work experience following graduation

MRCP Part 2 Exam:

MRCP Part 2 exam is the second test that you can take after completing Part 1, but only. The structure of the test:

  • Two exams in a single day Each exam lasts three hours
  • 200 Multiple-choice questions; includes images

Of course it is true that it is true that the MRCP Part 2 exam is of a difficult level. The test tests your practical understanding that you have learned from Part 1. The test takes place on their medical expertise in addition to their behavior, knowledge, and knowledge that includes:

  • Investigation and planning
  • Priority of diagnosis or a list of symptoms
  • Immediate management plan
  • Long-term handling plan
  • Evaluation of prognosis


The MRCP PACES exam is a hands-on exam that takes place in a clinical environment. The applicant must go to five locations that are home to patients with different medical conditions or trained substitutes.

The exam's structure comprises:

  • Half-day examination
  • Hospital-like environments
  • Assessment of seven essential skills
  • Five stations; eight patients.
  • Each station is staffed with two inspectors.

Every trainee doctor who wishes to pursue specialist training should pass the PACES as well as Practical Assessment of Clinical Examination. It evaluates your capabilities and knowledge to ensure proficiency for providing high-quality care to patients.


  • Both Part 2 and PACES, you must be cleared of MRCP Part 1. (only only if you completed Part 1 within the last seven years)

How to Prepare for the MRCP Exam?

If you're trying to figure out how do you prepare to take the MRCP test, then read the following article:

MRCP test is essential for those who have completed MBBS. It is therefore essential to devote a significant amount of time in preparation. Before you devote your time and energy to this process it is essential to create plans to prepare for the MRCP test preparation.

We've discussed three typical strategies below that candidates employ:

Practice MRCP Questions:

The best way to start is to try to answer a variety of MRCP questions for test preparation. Choose a random set of questions to begin by answering the questions. The questions are fairly random on the test So this method helps to switch from one subject to the next quickly when you are answering.

Specialty-Oriented Method:

The other option is to organize. It is possible to create schedule that has specific time for each specialization. Begin by answering the questions for each specialization. Then, go over these three weeks prior to the test.

Comprehensive Method:

One of the most effective methods to help with MRCP examination preparation is to study the whole syllabus thoroughly. If you have the time to devote to MRCP exam preparation, then you should study individually every specialization and gain thorough knowledge of all areas. You can consult MRCP exams preparation guides and online training courses for this type of exam preparation. Additionally, you can create crucial note-taking notes to prepare for MRCP by yourself.

Practicing  Questions and Answers

There's no set amount of questions you must answer in order in order to pass the test. The final outcome is dependent on your expertise, experience and skills in clinical. But, based on the opinions of various candidates who took the test and passed you must at least be able to answer at least 3000-4,000 questions prior to appearing for the MRCP test.

You might be thinking why you have to answer all of the questions you are asked while you could spend hours on specialized expertise.

In answering these numerous questions, you to understand the patterns. It gives you practical information regarding how to pass the test. The pattern recognition will allow you to comprehend the question better before you answer.

If you focus solely on specialized MRCP exam preparation, you may not recognize patterns. You might be able to answer the question but the question might be designed to confuse the test taker.

Therefore, you must be aware of how to prepare to the MRCP test. Know the questions, what answers are best to certain questions and locate answers that can be explained. Based on your questions you can add more information and improve your understanding. Choose topics that you struggle with regularly and work on them.

Topics to Cover for MRCP Exam

For preparation for the MRCP exam preparation Here is the list of topics you must study for the exam:

  • Clinical Pharmacology
  • Medicine for the renal system
  • Cardiology
  • Neurology
  • Rheumatology
  • Infectious illnesses
  • Respiratory medicine
  • Psychiatry
  • Endocrinology
  • Hematology
  • Gastroenterology
  • Oncology
  • Ophthalmology and medical medicine
  • Palliative medicine
  • Geriatric medicine

Some Tips for MRCP Exam Preparation:

Although you might have picked a strategy to prepare for your MRCP exam preparation Here are some additional suggestions to follow:

  • To pass the MRCP exam, you will need to be familiar with the trigger phrases. Particularly when you are taking MRCP Part 1 there are these triggers or nuances within the questions, which will assist you in finding the correct answer quickly.
  • Because MRCP Part 1 and Part 2 do not have negative marking Make sure you answer every question. Complete the test in a timely manner even if you've no idea about the correct answer.
  • The various questions are designed to confuse the applicant. For example, a long question might provide inaccurate information and will lead the candidate to a specific answer. Therefore, it is possible to look at the question from beginning to end. If you are unable to comprehend your question at all, then this might help you understand the question.
  • Making sure you are in good health physically and mentally in the days leading up to taking the test is crucial. For each of MRCP Part 1 and 2 it is necessary to show for two different papers. In this period, many students are exhausted. So, it's important be aware of your health, pack your lunch, and remain hydrated.
  • Make sure you don't study throughout the night prior to the test to ensure that you appear with a fresh perspective. Make sure you complete your MRCP exam prep in advance.

Previous Year's MRCP Exam Papers are the Best

The most important thing to keep in mind while preparing in preparation for MRCP examination Part I and Part II is that you will need past papers from previous years. You should look for a question bank, or a source that will assist you in navigating the most some of the most popular questions from previous exams. They can be very beneficial. You'll know the pattern of the test from the proper source.


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