How to apply for PLAB from India?
14th February 2022 By Farz

The Professional and Linguistic Assessment Board test or the PLAB test is an international level assessment test for qualified doctors who want to work in the UK. The idea behind the PLAB test is to understand your knowledge and check whether you are suitable for working ability in the UK environment. Before appearing at the PLAB test, you should get prepared for the test with the professional support of an ace training institution like Farz Academy and the best PLAB course. Successfully passing PLAB is a gateway to a new medical career.

How to apply for PLAB?

You can apply for PLAB test 1 online. Once you pass this test, you can then apply for part 2. To apply for the test you have to register for a GMC online account and apply from there. It is easy and takes a few minutes. As you get admission to a PLAB course, you will also get all the necessary support from the Farz Academy.

PLAB courses for comprehensive preparation

Farz Academy has been offering live online training courses for aspiring medical practitioners targeting big.

PLAB 1 and PLAB 2 Courses

Plab test has two parts: PLAB part 1 test and PLAB part 2. Part 1 is a written examination conducted to test your clinical understanding.  There will be 180 MCQs in these three hours’ paper.

PLAB 1 course and the following mock test are conducted online. This course is designed to prepare you for the part 1 examination.  This is a 21 days (three weeks) course having multiple benefits for the students. This is an interactive course conducted with the help of top-rated trainers having years of experience in training and guiding PLAB examinees. 

The course includes the following:

  • Live online sessions with experienced trainers

  • Pre-recorded videos that you can save and play any time

  • Thousands of questions with answers

  • Interactive sessions with the trainers for clearing doubts

  • Topic-wise live online lecturers

  • Mock tests after the completion of the course

PLAB 2 course covers PLAB part 2 examination also known as Objective Structured Clinical Examination which is a clinical test conducted in a clinical environment. You need to contact the academy for complete information and the date of commencement of the courses.


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