How to prepare for MRCPUK?
13th November 2021 By Farz

The candidates who want to prepare for the Mrcpuk exam required clinical patients in hospitals for adults and children. Have to study upgraded post-graduate clinical textbooks and medical journals.

To the UK core medical training curriculum, the examinations are mapped. 

Examination formats

The examination format of the MRCPUK are as follows:

  • Part 1
  • Part 2 Written
  • Part 2 Practical Assessment of Clinical Examinations Skills (PACES)
  • Specialty Certificate Examinations


To prepare for the MRCPUK examination number of courses are there.

Farzacademy provides courses like MRCP Part 1, MRCP Part 2, MRCP Regular, MRCP PACES, EDIC, Refreshers course, and many more. They prepared students before examination by providing mock tests, Live sessions with UK-based professionals, many lecture sessions including video, modules, etc.

Free mock tests are there before the MRCP exam. In Mrcp part 1 course, Farzacademy provides a mock test of 100 questions for each paper, doubt clearing sessions by UK professionals, and final tests. If anyone scored more than 50% in the free mock tests then 50% reduction for them in MRCP Part 1 mock tests.

In the MRCP Regular course, Farzacademy provides a number of questions, mock tests, video lectures topic-wise, and huge discounts over the courses. If anyone passes MRCP (6months) course in one attempt then 60% reduction for them in MRCP Part 2 course. If anyone passes MRCP Part 2 in one attempt then 50% reduction in the PACES course.

So from Farzacademy, you can prepare yourself for the MRCPUK exam by sitting on the mock examinations. Setting a schedule for study and clearing all doubts in question-answer sessions and reviewing them before the exam. It is better to go through our syllabus properly for the best future in medicine. To make success in the exam past paper practice is needed for every candidate. This helps a candidate be fully prepared for MRCPUK.



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