MRCP exam eligibility
26th October 2021 By Farz

MRCP exam is one of the medical courses in India and worldwide. Its origins in the UK that was conducted by the Royal Colleges of Physicians. The MRCP exam has been divided into two parts – Part 1 and Part 2. MRCP Part 1 is the written exam. If you pass MRCP Part 1 then you can sit MRCP Part 2 exam.

The eligibility of MRCP courses are as follows:

  • Existing Medical Degree – You have to complete your bachelor‘s degree for attempting the MRCP exam or you can apply for MRCP after one year of graduation.
  • Years of Medical Training – You have to complete a minimum of one year of medical employment that includes an internship or other fellowship where you can gain practical knowledge which is needed for the MRCP PACES exam.
  • The Number of Attempts Allowed – One can attempt the MRCP medical entrance exam a maximum of six times each. You can appear for part 1 and part 2 six times each. Thus one has to clear part 2 and the paces course within 7 years of completing part 1.
  • Fees and Age Limit – Farz academy provides Rs. 15k for MRCP Part 1 & Mrcp part 2. There is a reduction in course fees.

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