Critical Care (EDIC, IDCCM) Preparatory

Critical Care Exam Preparatory Courses For EDIC And IDCCM Exams

Intensive care medicine is considered a multidisciplinary field where the interventions of several medical specialties are required. Improve your knowledge of Critical Care and get ready for the Exams with multiple choice exams you can take online with Farz Academy. Live sessions with eminent faculties, 1000+ questions with explanations, video lectures on the topic of interest is offered. With comprehensive course and preparation, appear in the examination with confidence.                

The European Diploma in Intensive Care (EDIC) medicine is an established field of medicine proposed by the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine (ESCIM).  EDIC exam consists of two parts, EDIC Part I and EDIC Part II. The tests are designed to test the skills, proficiency, and conduct of a medical practitioner in an intensive care environment. To achieve the EDIC diploma, you have to pass both EDIC part I and part II.

Eligibility criteria for Part 1 and part 2 exam

You need to have graduated from a recognized medical college/university and you must have completed a twelve-month internship. At the same time, you must complete or be enrolled in any of the following national training programs:

Alternatively, if you have completed at least 18 months of training in intensive care medicine, you are eligible for the examination.

Once you pass the EDIC part 1 examination, you can apply for the part 2 examination.                                                                                                                                                              

Examination format for part 1 and part 2                                                                     

Your priority would be understanding the examination pattern and getting complete information on the latest syllabus. Part 1 examination is three hours and 100 marks examination. There will be 100 questions comprising of two categories:

Part 2 examination is also called Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) when six different clinical situations are given to the examinees.

Both the edic part 1 preparatory course and edic part 2 preparatory course will help you practice these types of questions in huge numbers.

Preparation for the examinations

Your preparation for the EDIC and IDCCM exams are never complete in absence of proper guidance. With Farz Auxiliar Academy, you get state-of-the-art preparatory courses that will help you face the examination and any kind of challenging question with utmost confidence. The courses are designed keeping the focus on the official syllabus of this prestigious examination.

Farz Academy also keeps you updated on the part 2 examination with their part 2 preparatory course. Since the examination is a practical examination type and your skill of decision-making is tested, the edic course curriculum includes interactive sessions with expert trainers and several hours of in-station training.




Critical Care (EDIC, IDCCM) Preparatory


EDIC part I refresher course design for exam going student to refresh and revision of your knowledge

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What you will learn
  • To help understand the objective and format of the exam.
  • To inform the resources available.
  • To engage the candidates in the learning process with LIVE virtual classes.
  • To evaluate progress and provide support where required

The European Diploma in Intensive Care Medicine (EDIC) & Indian Diploma Critical Care Medicine (IDCCM), the aspirants who see..

  • Online:5000 6000

Exclusively for EDIC Part 1 aspirants to prepare them for the final exam.

  • Online:30000 40000

Critical care exam preparatory course (3 months) conducted by us prepare the students to appear in the IDCCM Part II exams.

  • Online:15000 20000

EDIC preparatory course Part II for (6 months) conducted by us to prepare the students for appearing in the EDIC part I exa..

  • Online:30000 40000

EDIC & IDCCM Part 1 test your preparedness for the EDIC & IDCCM Part 1 examination

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Critical Care Preparatory course for 3 months is designed to prepare students appearing for IDCCM Examination.

  • Online:15000 15000

Masterclass Series along with mock test series along with all the critical care exam aspirants

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The Farz Academy is a leading provider of Professional Training Programs in the field of Medical Education like MRCP UK Exams..

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