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Farz Academy's MRCP programs are designed to offer the quality education you need to confidently step into the field of the ultimate medical profession. We organized our Farz Academy MRCP Part 1 Course module in such a way that you will cover the total syllabus for MRCP part I examination. In MRCP Part I examination more of a clinical based. So we have designed our MRCP modular course on the topic & sub – topic in such a way where MRCP question is asked. Those who follow our tutorial video and join our live classes with the mock test, so they will get confident to archive this degree


About MRCP Part 1 Exam

MRCP Part I exam is MCQ based and you have to give the best answer in the MCQ out of 5 options. MRCP Part I has 2 paper. Paper 1 &2 both has 100 Questions each. There is no negative marking. The examination, which can be taken online or in an exam centre, has a two-paper format. Each paper is of 3 hours in duration and contains 100 multiple choice questions in 'best of five' format. This format, in addition to testing core knowledge and comprehension, also assesses the ability to interpret information and to solve clinical problems. There will be five options - one correct answer and four alternatives to the correct answer. Interestingly, the four distractors will be closely related to the preferred option but less correct, therefore acting as possible alternatives. The candidate chooses the best answer from the five possible answers. Each correct answer is awarded one mark; there is no negative marking.

The content of the MRCP Part 1 examination is based on a blueprint. This outlines the composition of the papers, including the likely number of questions under each broad clinical topic heading. This has been updated to reflect the new terminology used in the new UK Internal Medicine curriculum, and it will be used from the 2020/1 diet of the examination. Details of the new blueprint can be found here.



MRCP Part 1 Course and Curriculum:

MRCP Part I is MCQ based exam where


Number of questions*



Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics


Clinical sciences**




Endocrinology, diabetes and metabolic medicine


Gastroenterology and Hepatology


Geriatric medicine




Infectious diseases






Medical ophthalmology


Palliative medicine and end of life care




Renal medicine


Respiratory medicine







How Farz Academy Will Help You:

Farz Academy is engaged in medical education and MRCP studies is one of it. It is well recognized for MRCP UK course. Eminent faculties of UK are actively involved in designing the coursematerial like – Tutorial video, conducting weekly mock tests and live classes. The series of MEGA Mock Tests once in a monthwhich covers all subjects and they are giving proper detailed explanation helps the students to get prepared for the ultimate exams. At the end of our 6 months or 8 months course, the students feels confident for theMRCP Part I exam. Apart from the above Farz Academyconducts MRCP Refresher Coursejust before the MRCP exam, so that the students gets hands-on and refresh their knowledge on all subjects together with the experts. Example – Rheumatology will take care of Rheumatology session, Cardiology will take care of Cardiology session.


MRCP Part 1 Course (4 months):

In this MRCP Part 1 course, you will expect:

  • 1500 Questions
  • 4 Mega Mock Tests
  • 16 Live Doubt Clearing Session
  • 16 Mock Test
  • 90 Tutorial Videos
  • Topic-wise Video Lectures
  • A learner-centered technique with the support of supervising faculties.
  • Throughout the course, students participate in quiz sessions for the best outcome of the understanding of the subject matter.


MRCP Part 1Course (6 months)

  • Topic-wise Questions Bank
  • 2000 Questions with answers and explanations by UK based examiners
  • 6 Mega Mock Tests to cover the entire syllabus
  • 24 LIVE doubt clearing sessions by our UK based faculties
  • 24 Mock Test
  • 130 Tutorial Videos
  • Throughout the course, students participate in quiz sessions for the best outcome of the understanding of the subject matter.
  • A learner-centered technique with the support of supervising faculties.


MRCP Part 1 Course (8 months)

  • 2500 Questions
  • 8 Mock Tests
  • 32 Live Doubt Clearing Sessions
  • Topic-wise lecture
  • 200 Tutorial Videos
  • A learner-centered technique with the support of supervising faculties.
  • Throughout the course, students participate in quiz sessions for the best outcome of the understanding of the subject matter.


MRCP Part 1 Refresher Course

Duration: 2 days

Mock Tests on 3rd Day (Paper 1 & Paper 2) 
50 MCQ each paper

 2 days of interactive LIVE learning sessions from UK-based faculties.

  • 17 LIVE sessions
  • 1 Hour Per Session with UK based faculties
  • Covers all the main topics of MRCP
  • Learn from high skilled UK based examiners



MRCP Eligibility Criteria:

For MRCP part 1 examination, In India, to be eligible, an MCI accepted medical qualification (like MBBS) with a minimum of 12 months post graduate experience in the medical profession is required. 


Farz Academy Benefits: Why Us                                           

Video based lectures on topics of interest

Updated Question Bank

Live sessions with tutor to clear doubts

Real Exam Feeling

Interaction with UK based faculties

Weekly base Mock Tests

 Weekly base Mega Mock test


Course Registratioin Details

Next Session starts from September 2022 onwards. 


MRCP Part-1


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What you will learn
  • Access over thousands of questions & enjoy the additional benefit of explained answers tricks and notes to help you sco...
  • Our uniquely design MRCP Course allows you to attend LIVE lecture sessions of certified UK based faculties

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